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All of our Functional Training Courses

We deliver our functional training courses in a way that is blended, online or live.

Blended = Live and Online Support
Online = Online course only
Live = Everything delivered in person

Personal Training Courses with Functional Training Courses attached

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We coach people to become the best they can be, where others teach. Level 2 and Level 3 courses (UK personal trainer courses) will get you the piece of paper that you need to be able to personal train people. Statistically this means you have up to an 80% chance of being in the wrong job and maybe even leaving the personal training industry within the first three months. The key to being successful in the industry in our opinion, is to tag on our functional training courses and become a unique specialist in your area of interest.

Faster uses its Functional Training Courses to coach our newly qualified trainers, after they have their personal training certificates, in order to help them find their own product. It means that a Faster qualified personal trainer goes in to the market with the support of a community, a coach, and a set of skills unique to them. Each of our functional training courses are designed to help you understand the reason and thought process behind developing assessments, exercises and program design.

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Try FASTER! – Our $10!!! A sample combination of all of our Functional Training Courses

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This is your opportunity to sample 4 hours from across our functional training courses. It is a a course that has the content of a $200 course, but for this price, so you can check us out! It features movements, exercises and some functional nutrition. It is an ideal way of getting a sample of what we do and then being able to decide on which of our functional training courses will help you most.

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Rule the Kettlebell – £30

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This is one of our great functional training courses for you to get a view on where Kettlebell lifting, as a sport, came from, and then how FASTER would apply its thought process and design new exercises to help improve peoples lift. Loads of exercises on here to look through, all the traditional ones you would expect on a Kettlebell course, and then variables and FASTER’s version. This course comes with an online Facebook and FASTER Social Group for you to join. Like all of our other functional training courses, this course is aimed at taking you outside of the box when it comes to looking at improving someone in the sport of kettlebell lifting.

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Stop Turn Accelerate – £30

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When searching through our functional training courses for something to improve your results with clients who need speed in sport, then this is one course you need to consider. Taking the three most important components of speed training, this course allows you to see the how to logically build 3 skills in to thousands of drills. Run online at the moment, we will have live dates shortly.

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Training In’Tension – £285 (including a TruFit Unit) (Learn More)

Develop a set of exercises and variables, that take advantage of being able to develop movements that can resist external forces. The trend in recent functional training courses is to take movements to end range and keep you in that position. Our course is to show you the value in both end range training and also in range training too. This course offers lots of exercises, but more importantly it also shows how to build these exercises too. As with our other functional training courses, this course really does get you in to the thought process and helps you develop the skills to make your own exercises.

PLUS, you get a FASTER branded TruFit unit (can take 4-6 weeks to get to you).

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Assessments and Delivery with Spark Motion (aka Kinesio Capture) and other technology- £75 (SPECIAL PRE-LAUNCH PRICE)

This is a brand new to our stable of functional training courses. If you are in need of a way of improving your assessments both live and online as well as delivering great programmes in a way that will blow clients away, then this is the course for you.

We use the Spark Motion (Kinesio Capture), Australia WOW and Health Club TV, to show you how to build an effective assessment, programme and delivery service, using the latest technology. Spark Motion Kinesio is vital at the front end of this process, as in combination with the correct coaching, will allow you to define great movement for your client. It will also give you a full record of these motions, that you can compare to your client as they improve, or to help them our if they lose some performance in their movement. Once you have this done, then you need to keep hold of your client and deliver the best service. Using Australia WOW software to keep your clients track, able to book with you, or work with you online, as well as being responsible for their own actions, you will have a great start on most other trainers. By using Spark Motion as a tool to allow you to build exact movements for your clients, using Australia WOW to make sure your clients stay complient then the last feature you need, is a system of sharing your program, so the client has it at all times. This is done through the use of Health Club TV, a place where program’s sit on a central website, but can be available to your client, in video format, across all platforms…PC (pre-installed), MAC (via online), iPAD, Iphone (on an Apps), on Samsung Tables (pre-installed) and on LG TV’s. The great thing about this course, is you could do it with out these pieces of technology, then better thing is, that the owners of these app’s are all trainers and have built these systems to help you make more money. Functional Training courses never gave you this much!

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Advanced Functional Trainer – Performance -£65

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If you want to start the journey to become a trainer that owns their own style and technique, then this is the course for you. We use this course to start to coach you to be able to think about assessments, solutions, programs, exercise creation as well access to the faster community online. The skills you develop through this course, will help you generate more clients and keep your current clients longer. Out of all of our functional training courses, this is the oldest and the one that has lead to all the other functional training courses we run.

The first one of our functional training courses and still one that people love the most. Delivered both online and live. It has evolved in to today’s course through years of feedback and teaching. The course takes you from the FASTER thought process, through how to observe motion and build exercises from the thought process. This course is great to help you to develop the FASTER eye, and is a great course to do with the Assessments and Delivery – with KinesioCapture, as it starts to help you build an eye for motion and exercise creation.

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Specialist Functional Performance – £688 (Learn More)

Get better results with your clients. Build a confidence in your ability to train anyone and in anyway and know you will have a foundation thought process to build your training on. Trainers who do this course, change the industry, at a local and national level. If you want to be the best at what you do, then our specialist in functional performance should become an highly influential component from our functional training courses.

What does this course not contain? It has hours of lectures on functional training, functional nutrition, sales, marketing and coaching. The course asks you to describe every bone, joint and muscle motion in the body, in order, in any movement. Then it does more, and it shows you how to apply this knowledge to the FASTER CSS system, a way of developing Coaching, Sequencing and Structure techniques that are exactly right for your clients. This comes with 150+ exercise videos, an invite to the Specialist members club with a facebook group and regular Google hangouts. This is a course that has changed trainers lives, helping them make their clients a lot better, leaner, stronger, faster, injury resilient and happy in movement. The course notes are updated every 6 months to keep you up to date, and you get to see them all the time. If you are serious about your career, about helping clients and about being the best you can be, then you need to do this course.

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Specialist Functional Therapy -£688 (Learn More)

Functional training courses come in varying depths, this one has a lot of depth. It delivers a thought process that will allow you to get injury diagnosed clients back to fitness at pace. If you are looking to be known as the fixer, as the go to person for clients who carry diagnosed problems and pain, then this is the course that will work best for you. As far as functional training courses go, this one is head and shoulder above the rest, as it gives you the ownership of the skills and techniques you develop after learning the thought process.

Some courses promise you the skills to cure people…they have no idea! Your clients body, when diagnosed correctly by someone qualified, will, given the correct environment, recover. The problem is in the injured time and then change in movements that the injury causes. As pain and injury are not necessarily linked, then the movement patterns that the client picks up because of the injury, can be really hard to track down. Add to this the fact that everyone has an individual movement pattern for movements we are born with, like walking, lifting and squatting. FASTER, unlike what the majority of the industry is selling, shows that assymetry does not predict your clients chance of injury or the level of pain they are in. This is why we built a robust system for allowing the client to find their natural movement patterns, keep strength, power and flexibility in all the areas of the body not in recovery, during recovery, and then we have a system for helping the client get back to THEIR best movement. This course also comes with Sales, Marketing, Coaching and Functional Nutrition lectures. If you work with anyone who has had an injury, or who would be likely to get one or multiple injuries, then you need to do this course.

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Specialist in Football (Soccer) Performance – Blended and Online only -£250

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If you are looking for a functional training course, that is focussed on helping you work with the best football (soccer) players, then this is your course. We made this the most functional training course we could on football. Using a thought process to guide you, we only let our trainers who work with pro-footballers, teach this, which means you start to network with people who have already opened the door in the industry.

FASTER is in professional football. We are mainly represented through our top trainers and ex-professional footballers at Surpass is a company where FASTER helped to mentor the trainers, that then helped their reputation in football stick.

This course is our way of sharing the thought process we used in order to get in to football and make a huge difference. Learn how we take movements from the sport, defined physical improvements, designed by the player and coach and we convert them in to highly specific training programmes. The course shows you how to assess in all three energy systems, in a way that is specifically related to football, and in a way that will impress the coach, the physio and the player.

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Specialist in Golf Performance – Blended and Online only -£250

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Golf functional training courses often have one swing at the centre of it, and then has a set of techniques built around this. Faster has designed a functional training course for personal trainers, strength conditioning coaches, golf pro’s and other movement specialists. This course is going to give you a great understanding of how to work with a coach, and get the best results for your clients. Applying this thought process has helped Faster graduates to get in front of some of the worlds top golfers and get a positive result in their game. Due to the accuracy of the techniques you deliver based on this thought process, you will see the results instantly.

Written by myself (John), Andy Driscoll and Rich Ellis (PGA Pro), this is the system we use to train top golfers and golf pro’s. Taking you through the specific thought process needed to train golfers, this is not about learning the movements of the game, this is about learning how to produce the exact results your client’s golf pro is asking for. The reason for this, is that every coach has their own thought process and idea of a great set of swings, and so the skills you need are different to most golf training courses on the market, the skills you need in these scenarios are the skills that will allow you assess a movement accurately and then deliver the correct information back to the coach. After negotiating exactly what your client’s coach wants from the next shot, then you need to look at that and form a technique and a set of training to get those results. Using this technique we have improved accuracy by 20% and club head speed, in one session, in four moves, for a scratch golfer who is also a biomechanic consultant to two of the top ten golfers in the world. Companies are being formed and trainers are starting to build careers on this knowledge alone!

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Live UK Functional Training Courses (Some details yet to be confirmed by the course tutors)

Advanced Functional Training Performance (Learn more)

- 1/2 March 2014 with Alex Thomas in Nottingham. Contact Alex on 07721 739434 for details or go here for more info and to book.


Specialist Functional Performance (6 days tuition.)

- 29/30 March, 26/27 April & 31 May 1 June 2014 with Alex Thomas in Nottingham. Contact Alex on 07721 739434 for details and to book your place.



Specialist in Football Performance


2013 FASTER Functional Training Convention – (Dr. Tom Hyde, Dr. Nick Studholme and Kelvin Giles with more added daily) Learn More

Derby May 31st, June 1st and 2nd – Call 08455 191615 or Book Now £350

September Football Performance Special

Specialist in Football Performance (1st Course to be run by Author John Hardy – Limited price and places)
Hertfordshire, September 7th and 8th – Call 08455 191615 or click the link to see more and book on.
16 Spaces Click to read more and book.


Live Dates in The US

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All of our functional training courses are designed to coach you to understand how to build your techniques. We take pride in all of the functional training courses content, and make sure we update all of the information every 6 months, so that we can keep you on the cutting edge of the industry. This is something that is not known in any other of the functional training courses we see on the market.